Sunday Alfred's Ocean Palace - Reggae
Roots Bamboo - Jazz
Monday Bourbon Beach - Reggae
Risky Business - Reggae

Beach hangoutHang out at a beach bar and sip on Red Stripe beer or your favorite cold beverage. The beach is open to the public from six in the morning until six in the evening.

Look for sea shells, watch the "wildlife", meet the locals, kick back and relax - it's Negril, it's all good.

Tuesday Negril Escape - Reggae show
Alfred's Ocean Palace - Reggae
Sunset Show at Mariners
Wednesday Merills II Resort - beach party
Roots Bamboo - Reggae

Sunset at Ricks

Rick's Cafe is a place to watch the Negril sunset along with some cliff diving and see who's in Negril this day. Seems that almost everyone is at Rick's by sunset. Join the party in the afternoon that features live music and lots of people.

Bring a swim suit and lounge at the pool, swim in the blue waters, or take a dive off the cliffs.


Sea Wind Resort - Reggae
Sunset on the Beach - Reggae
Bourbon Beach - Reggae
Risky Business - Reggae
Charela Inn - Jazz
The Jungle - Ladies Night

Friday Alfred's Ocean Palace - Reggae
The Jungle

Best jerk chicken on the strip

Jamaican jerk chicken is the 'fast food' preference along the beach road. Drenched in island spices, grilled in a barrel cooker, and served chopped into small chunks - this is a part of Jamaican cooking you don't want to miss. The smell is irrestible and the taste even better.

Saturday Sea Star Inn - Reggae variety
Bourbon Beach - Reggae
Risky Business - Reggae
Charela Inn - Folklore Show
The Jungle - Party Night

Underwater playgroundSnorkel or Swim in the Warm & Clear Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of colorful fish, corals, and plants that thrive along the bottom.

Not into swimming? Take a look at the sea bed through a glass bottom boat.

Sunset from Negril cliffs


Negril is famous for the sunsets over the water. The magnificence of nature is on stage every evening as the sun dips into the waters to the west. Colorful displays welcome the night and party is just getting started.