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White sand beachIf you have ever been to Negril Jamaica then you know what a beautiful place it is for a vacation. Long stretches of white sand beaches, gently lapping waves, amazing sunsets, fantastic dining experiences, and great people. In fact, for most the only draw back to Negril is that an international airport is not immediately located next to the resorts (not really a draw back since that also means there are no jet engine noises as planes take off and land). One has two choices when going to Negril after flying in to Montego Bay airport. Wait and take a short fifteen to twenty minute domestic flight to the Negril Aerodrome by small plane or take the road to Negril.

Queens Road Montego BayAt one time the road to Negril was a difficult path (see Stories). Full of twists and turns through the hills and along washed out beach roads it was an adventure. Continued improvements and construction has changed that situation. Today's road to Negril is a (mostly) smooth ribbon of asphalt with just a few delays as one passes through coastal towns and villages. And of course, there are the Jamaican drivers too.

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Road to Negril Status Report

Date Drive Time* Notes

Water line improvements in the Lucea area have left the road in poor condition. This can sometimes cause a slight delay of 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of traffic. Sunday is normally the easiest day to drive through this area.

* Driving time is average number of minutes to drive from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay to Negril's Seven Mile Beach. Add 10 to 15 minutes for destinations on the West End. Time will vary depending on the driver and vehicle. Stated time is for travel at the stated speed limits with normal traffic conditions.
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