Road to Negril

Part 2 - Buying Property (for non-Jamaicans)

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Returning to the USA without finding anything of use we continued to search for online listings and read more about the area. It was a few weeks later that the real estate agent called again. When we had left we had told him to try and find something in Point Village, a gated community that included a hotel as well as residences. We had stayed at Point Village years earlier and knew the property as being ideal for our interests. Point Village has a great beach and immediate access to some of the finest snorkeling on the island. Plus you can walk the entire length of Long Bay, pick up a route taxi, or arrange for a ride with local drivers waiting near the gated entrance to anywhere in the area. Perfect for a winter escape!

So we packed up and returned to Jamaica to stay at Point Village. The real estate agent showed us the property and we were not really all that thrilled with it. The apartment for sale, a two-bedroom unit, faced a kitchen area and was in a noisy area of the hotel resort. Disappointed we stayed for a week to continue searching and asking others if they knew about apartments for sale. And that’s the real trick. Keep on asking.

After a few stray paths we ended up speaking with a couple of people that knew someone selling a two bedroom apartment, near the main beach, and not in a noisy area. We checked it out and fell in love with it immediately. Now it was a matter of negotiating a price that was acceptable to both the seller and us. We liked the location but wanted to do some modernization to the apartment. It did not take long to negotiate a good and fair price with the seller since they were motivated to sell.

Get an attorney to help guide you through the paperwork.

Real estate attorneys in Jamaica make the process much smoother. Ask for the recommendations of others who have recently purchased property. We were lucky, the lawyer recommended to us had worked with Americans before and was very professional. She guided us along the entire path of purchase making it easy. From deciding on a price to moving the money to Jamaica by wire to getting the appropriate stamps and documents, the time-line was several months. Continue reading...

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